Our sweetheart, Tilly, may you rest in peace

You will be remembered to those who knew you as intelligent, sweet, protective and caring.  We will miss you down here on earth, but, we  have comfort knowing that God is taking care of you now.

3 thoughts on “Our sweetheart, Tilly, may you rest in peace

  1. Thank you ALL for your prayers!!! Thank you to the folks at UF for doing everything they could to save her. Foaling was not easy process for Tilly and even though she is gone physically we will miss her tremendously. Her legacy will live on thru her newborn Filly (by Kiss The Kid) which King and I have taken under our wings to protect and care for her. King is a n awesome Shepherd…a true hero!!!….great collage remembering her life Liz, Thank you!!! ❤ ❤

  2. Yes, indeed!!! Her intelligence was exceptional. Her ex-owner which came rushing to spend the day with Tilly before she passed, had this to say about Tilly,

    “Tilly was originally bought as a 2 yr old for a race prospect. Shortly after, I was accepted into The Parelli school where I took her as my second horse after I started her with Ray Hunt. She has done everything. Eventually she became my main horse for demonstrations, etc…Yes, she was a celebrity AND a role model; I will dig pictures out then when I brought her to FL she mostly did hunters and lessons. Performance wise she was a natural; true athlete, amazing clever a true problem solver, loved a challenged and one of the best students….Or shall I say teachers I ever had..I just love that mare..Thank you for taking such a great care of her..”…..

    Thank you Heidi for your love and support. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you as well!!!

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