Dialed In (KY) retires to Darby Dan Farm

#9 Dialed In (KY) wins the $400K 2011 Holy Bull Stakes GIII
#8 Sweet Ducky (KY) places and #1 Gourmet Dinner (FL) takes 3rd

2010 American Horse Publication Awards – Hoofprints in the Sand

One Page or Two-Page Spread Editorial

Design (Print)

1st- The Florida Horse – “Dinner’ Time”

1st- The Florida Horse – “Dinner’ Time”
13 Entries
John Filer, Art Director
Michael Compton, Editor-In-Chief
Liz Lamont, Horse Photographer
September 2010
This is an exquisite, bold and enticing design. The artist executed all of the embellishments to perfection. The beveled shadow in the headline, and the head and back of the jockey brought to the forefront, creates such a wonderful perspective to the visual.